Englisch menu

appetizers and salads

Caesar's Salad Crunchy lettuce with a spicy Parmesan mustard dressing with bacon, croutons and parmesan shavings. 19.-

Chorizo ​​Criollo with olive cream and rocket salad with cherry tomatoes and pine nuts 19.-

Bruschetta de Morcilla (Argentinian black pudding) served with sobrasada, Aavocado and red peppers, with salad. 19.-

Classic beef steak tartare from beef fillet. Appetizer 80gr. 30.- Main course 140gr. 40.-

Beef carpaccio with pine nuts, rocket salad and parmesan 25.-

Green salad 9.-

2 empanadas of your choice with salad
Minced meat, chorizo ​​criollo, morcilla, onion cheese, grilled vegetables. 19.-

Empanadas per piece 6.-


Pumpkin soup with coconut milk and ginger 12.50

White wine soup with typical Argentinian torrontes, croutons and chives 12.50


Homemade vegetable lasagne with béchamel sauce 26.-

Grilled vegetables with baked potatoes and sour cream 26.-


“Lomo” beef fillet with beetroot, onions, feta and croutons 220g 59.-

“Bife Angosto” Entrecôte with grilled vegetables, roasted pumpkin and corn puree 220g 55.-

“Cuadril” beef rump carved with apricot butter and red pepper with roasted fennel, pine nuts and potato gnocchi 220g 49.-

“Churrasco” thinly sliced ​​rump with grilled vegetables and fries fries 160g 43.-

Homemade hamburger 200gr Argentinian beef, garnished
with salad and french fries. 29.-

Children's menu: Beef churrasco de cuadril with vegetables and fries Fries 22.- Small portion 15.-

The steaks can also be sold in 300gr. plus 14.- 400gr. 30.- or 500gr. plus 40.- can be ordered.
Meat weight is always raw!

Desserts homemade!

Alfajores parfait in buttermilk with fruit. 13.50

Chocolate chilli cake with vanilla parfait 13.50